What Would Ryan Gosling Do?

Help me!

“There is absolutely no reason — and no excuse — for the cruel, unnecessary practice of dehorning to continue.” Ryan Gosling

We came across this cow while checking the herd for pregnancies.  The horn you see here was embedded nearly one inch into the skull of this mother-to-be. Removing the horns of cattle is a popular subject these days thanks to a recent celeberty PR stunt. Perhaps we should we be faxing in a dehorning permit to the Screen Actors Guild.

Here in cattle country, issues like this come up every day.  We cannot afford to follow the whims of high-school-dropouts turned child actors. How about we let the professionals, the ranching men and women of America, who live and work in this environment each day, decide what’s best for their animals?

Well, that’s what we did and 563 red is thankful for it.

One thought on “What Would Ryan Gosling Do?

  1. Edward Dunn says:

    Hey I removed that horn! We try to catch them when they get worked as calves but sometimes we miss some. The reason we have horns is because we have a Hereford and Angus cross herd. So I will continue to do what I am good at (ranching) and the Screen Actors Guild can stick to what they are good at (movies and such).

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