Crazy Love

He doesn't even take the stairs like a normal person

He doesn’t even take the stairs like a normal person

Having recently celebrated two years of marriage, I was feeling nostalgic. I flipped through an old journal and found this gem:

February 22nd, 2011, 5PM

Woke up at 4:14AM today to climb the biggest volcano in Guatemala. Realized at 4:35AM that my hiking shoes were missing, lost or stolen along the way. By 6:15AM, clad in running shoes and accompanied by nine Germans and two police officers, we began our ascent of the 13,000′ summit. I can say without a doubt, my previous suspicions of Logan’s insanity have been confirmed. And also, mountaineering is probably not my thing. Having admitted these facts I must also admit this climb has helped me see why Logan likes this type of challenge.

At various points along the way I could be almost sure I would be defeated by my own mind, repeatedly telling me I could not go a single step further. It’s a special kind of thrill when your body wins a contest against your mind. When the whole ordeal is finished you find a new awareness in yourself, you feel the blood coursing through your entire body from head to toe, you feel alive.

At the end I said a silent ‘thank you’ to my heart for not giving out, a ‘better luck next time’ to my brain with it’s endless supply of negativity, and a big out loud ‘I love you’ to Logan for carrying the 10 pounds of water we didn’t drink.

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