Dust to Dust

Christening the new bar with plenty of beers and a few tall tales

There is no better way to determine your material value than packing your life into boxes and moving them. Some thing I so desperately wanted months ago hardly holds value today. Even the coveted electronics we use daily will be obsolete dumpster food in a few short years. In the last few years we’ve streamlined this process, to the point where if these dozen boxes burnt up in a fire, well, that might be for the best.

In the barn next door,  the belt sander is still hot and the dust is just beginning to settle. The men of Wine Glass Ranch are putting the finishing touches on a handcrafted beetle kill wood bar.  The bar is the most recent addition to our guided hunting operation. I walked in just as the foot rest, piping from an old windmill well, was being added.

In one hundred years we, and our dozen boxes, will be dust. The hands and the tools of it’s creation long forgotten, but this bar will remain. The trusty Wine Glass brand applied to the bartop will instill this piece with with bragging rights for decades to come. It has history, meaning, most importantly a good story. While the boys clink bottles, I can’t help thinking our own story is shaping up pretty well so far.  And if that’s all we leave behind one day, we’ll have done at least one thing right. Cheers.

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