What’s next?

Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

2184 miles through 14 states from Georgia to Maine

Over 7 Months beginning April 2013 (that’s 10-15 miles per day)

We will walk approximately 5 million steps in the direction of our goal

10% of those who attempt to complete the trail actually accomplish it

We plan to sign the book at the summit of Mount Katahdin and join the short list of successful AT thru-hikers


5 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Dave Zimmerman says:

    We’re visiting friends in Montpelier, VT right now and it’s beautiful up here. Sounds like an awesome trip.

    (oh, and I assume you mean April 2013?)

    Love the continuing blog with the ranch focus. Somehow, overlanding -> simple living just flows. At least we think so!

    Dave and Ann

    • Breezer says:

      What day is it? October? It’s been months since we got home but I still can’t get a proper grasp on the time. 2013 indeed. Thanks for the kind words you two. Keeping up with your ongoing ventures certainly keeps us inspired. Keep it rural!

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