Lonely in the Middle

Lost in the wide open nothing

Times are hard for dreamers.

A few months ago we looked to the future and saw a season working in Antarctica followed immediately by more distance from the homeland. We interviewed and discovered we had merely gained status as alternates. Thoughts of touching down on ice this November melted quickly away.

We find ourselves in a moment of disillusion. When it comes to explaining ourselves and our dreams, the picture is bleary and out of focus. We’re on the receiving end of a lot of blank stares and unrestrained indifference. We’re itching for inspiration and understanding.

There’s been talk of returning to familiar places but ultimately we left them where they should be and our only option is to move forward elsewhere. Our dreams remain strong but to thrive on them is the current challenge.

7 thoughts on “Lonely in the Middle

  1. james@homeonthehighway.com says:

    Save, save, save. Hit the road again. I hear Africa is nice this time of year, Asia is cheap and mysterious. Hell, your old friend, the PanAm, has a big section that needs to be explored to the North.

    How did you guys get hooked up with the gig in Nebraska?

    Like the new site.

    • Breezer says:

      Wine Glass Ranch has been in Logan’s family since 1888. We stepped in to help out temporarily. It was an unexpected move but ended up syncing perfectly with the end of the PanAm. One day we’ll call this place home permanently but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve before we figure out what “settling down” means.

  2. Matty P says:

    I’m under the impression that even when you had the glorious Pan Am adventure stretching out in front of ya’ll you were also met with ‘blank stares and unrestrained indifference.’ Keep your head up, bide your time and dream on. You brilliant folks are on a journey that’s only just begun. The Nebraska prairie may not be on the other side of the globe, but as some of your recent photos show, it’s breathtaking beauty and expansive 360 degree skyline are worth admiring and calling home for awhile.

    • Breezer says:

      Right you are. Who would’ve thought we’d miss the “dangers in Mexico!” and “you’re so irresponsible!” reactions? Thanks for the kind words Mr. Pirog, hope that Chinatown haircut is treating you well.

  3. Rhonda says:

    A very poignant post. After we returned from our RTW we, too, felt as though we didn’t really belong anywhere. Unfortunately, our next phase of planning is taking longer than we’d prefer and we itch for the freedom of the road and the adventure of what the next day may bring. Good luck with the Appalachian (BTW… if you haven’t read Bill Bryson’s book regarding the Appalachian called A Walk in the Woods, you should…informative and hysterical) and whatever life brings. Africa is lovely and well, well worth it and, having spent a lot of time in SE Asia I can highly recommend that as well. Keep the dream alive!

    • Breezer says:

      Thanks for your response Rhonda and the book rec! We just started in on ‘Appalachian Trials’ but will definitely add ‘A Walk in the Woods’ to the list. We wish you all the best with your planning and hope the road finds you well and soon!

      • Rhonda says:

        Thanks, and glad you guys are well too. We feel your pain in the “blank stares and unrestrained indifference” as we are still there ourselves. Our loved ones, bless them, don’t fully understand what is driving us to live a life less ordinary!

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